About Kakamega forest

Kakamega rainforest is the only tropical rain forest in Kenya of the Guineo-congolian type. It once stretched across the Central Africa to East Africa.

Kakamega forest is located in Western Kenya Kakamega county, Kakamega East District.

Kakamega Forest has over 360 species of birds, 380 species of plants, 400 species of butterflies, 7 species of primates, other animals include chameleons, skinks and lizards.

Other mammals includes ,squirrels, Bush bucks, Aardvarks, porcupines, giant forest hogs and many others.

The Rainforest is penetrated by a network of walking/hiking trails silent with only melody of singing birds, whispering trees, rasp of butterflies as they fly on by, the croaking frogs, chattering of monkeys as they move from one tree to another and gurgling streams nearby.

Kakamega rainforest is one of the best tourist destination in Kenya and East Africa that you can visit and explore on foot enjoying the wildlife in wild, feeling fresh air of the rain forest, see defferend layers of the rainforest and see practically defferend species of medicinal plants, huge and old Strangler fic trees, primates, Butterflies, flying squirrels at night and perodicticus pottos.

Itinerary of Nature Walks, in the Southern part of Kakamega rainforest, we start with Short walk in Isecheno circuit about one to two hours hike, walking in the dense rainforest watching Primates, Butterflies and other insects, Birds, mushroom on dead trees, historical and old trees that are over 700 years old, in same walk visit one of the natural grassland in the rainforest, get up to the canopy walk and see defferend canopy layers of the rainforest then get back to the Kakamega forest station for lunch. After lunch, we will tour the community conservation projects, starting with Tree nursery where you can promote conservation by adopting a tree and plant in the Botanical garden, visit the Butterfly farm and see all stages of butterfly circle and visit Breeding house where the caterpillar (laver)are fate for Education purposes.

Another Excursion is the Sunrise Hike, start early in the morning from Isecheno Forest station at 5:00 AM with spotlights, walking through the rainforest to highest elevation of Kakamega forest, see the shooting stars from the top of the forest, view the fog on the canopy of the forest, see some of the natural grasslands from the top of Lirhanda Hill, North and South Nandi forests, Nandi Hills, Nandi escarpment, Mount Elgon, Kakamega town and at 6:45 AM, view the sunrise if the weather allows. When done we proceed down Hill to the Cave where we will see some Bats if you will be interested. From here we will walk back as we watch Birds, Primates, Medicinal plants and Butterflies as we get to the premise for Breakfast.

Yala_trail Kakamega
  • Colobus Guereza
  • Forest Resthouse
  • Red tailed monkey
  • Blue Monkey
  • Side striped chameleon
  • Morning at KEEP Bandas
  • Local flora
  • Tree

If you are coming from Kisumu City, Eldoret Town or Bungoma Town and you just want to explore the rainforest and get back; If you arrive in Kakamega forest station in Isecheno at 9:30AM, it still possible to do so just book the tour in advance and tell us your interest, we will guide you in the rainforest, then take you in primary forest for two hours then you have your lunch and then proceed to the highest elevation to Lirhanda Hill to view the entire rainforest from the top although you will not see the sunrise but you will have fantastic chance to see the all rainforest, natural grasslands, Nandi Hills, North and South Nandi forest and interlocking canopy layers. From there we will get back watching primates, Birds, Butterflies and vines hanging from the canopy to the forest floor.

Guiding fee for Nature Walks/Hiking in Kakamega forest Residents

  • Short walk 0-2 hours - Ksh 500 per person per walk
  • Long walk 0-3 hours - Ksh 1000 per person per walk
  • Night walk 2 hours - Ksh 1200 per person per walk
  • Sunrise/sunset walk - Ksh 1200 per person per walk
  • Full day walk 5-7 hours Ksh 2000 per person per walk
  • Crying stone of Ilesi tour Ksh

All prices are NOT negotiable.

In the southern part of the Isecheno forest station, a recreation fee of (400ksh residents) or (600ksh non residents) must be paid to the Kenya Forestry Service (KFS).

And the north side of the forest KWS Kakamega Forest national reserve entrance fee must be paid at the gate.


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Abraham Imbai The Tour Guide Kakamega Rainforest. He has been working as Environmental Educator in KEEP (Kakamega Environmental Education Program) and also he has paticipated in verious reserch in Kakamega rainforest with Nature Kenya and National Museums. Abraham now is the chairman of Kakamega rainforest Tour Guides in Kakamega rainforest.