About Kakamega Rainforest

Kakamega rainforest is the only tropical rain forest in Kenya of the Guineo-congolian type that once stretched across from West Africa to East Africa.

Kakamega forest Campsite

Kakamega forest is located in Western Kenya, 418 KM from Nairobi city through, Nakuru, Kericho, Kisumu Kakamega town then Kakamega Isecheno forest station.

sunrise in Kakamega forest

Kakamega rainforest has over 360 species of birds, 380 species of plants, 400 species of butterflies, 7 species of primates.

Kakamega forest plants, 80% are of highly medicinal plants that traditionaly local people use them to cure Malaria, prostate cancer, comon cold and many others.

Kakamega forest is an Ornithologist's dream where many different rare birds species are found including Great blue turaco, Blue headed bee-eater, Turners Eremomela, Yellow bellied wattle-eye, African shrike-flycatcher, Petit's cuckoo-shrike and many others.

blue monkey

Mammals of Kakamega forest Includes Primates, Bushback, Red and blue Duikers, Bush pigs, Porcupines and at night Flying squirrels, Hammer Headed fruit bats, Tree pangolins, poto, Mongoose along the rivers Clawless otter.


Guided tours in Kakamega raiforest enable you at first hand to enjoy all these with Profesional tour guide who will explain or enterpret Tropical rainforest Biodiversity including; Birds, Primates, Medicinal plants, Butterflies and cultural activities of local people staying around the forest.

There is Accommodation and Camping site where you can stay few days as you enjoy Kakamega forest and these accommodation are Isecheno Forest rest house, Isecheno KEEP Bandas, Isecheno Camping site and Rondo retreat centre.

Getting in Kakamega forest, If you are coming from Kakamega town you can take Taxi or Motobikes through Shinyalu to Isecheno Forest station. Or if you are coming from Kisumu, take matatu to Khayega market on your way to Kakamega town, then From Khayega take Motobike from here to Kakamega Isecheno Forest Station.

  • Colobus Guereza
  • Forest Resthouse
  • Red tailed monkey
  • Blue Monkey
  • Side striped chameleon
  • Morning at KEEP Bandas
  • Local flora
  • Tree

And the north side of the forest KWS Kakamega Forest national reserve entrance fee must be paid at the gate.

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